Sore from working out??? Good!!! No pain no gain 😉 haha

So let’s get a bit more serious here, I have had a lot of clients over the years talk about their DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and how the second day is the worst.

So you may be thinking what are DOMS? DOMS are the soreness or muscle stiffness that occurs in the day or two after exercise. DOMS is the body’s normal response to unusual exertion and is part of an adaption process that leads to greater stamina and strength as the muscles recover and build. If you are one of my clients you’d know that my programs are not stagnate and are forever changing therefore many of you may experience DOMS at some point depending on your own body’s strengths and weakness.

So you may now be wondering is there a way to help reduce/minimise this soreness.?

First things first – always remember to stay well hydrated after a workout or at any time for that matter.
Walking can help as it is a good way to get blood pumping back into the muscles.
Ensure you are getting adequate sleep. You must get your zzzzz’s in otherwise you won’t recovery properly!
A light massage can also help as it helps reduce the tightness within the muscles and promote good blood flow. (Plus it’s a good excuse to get a massage 😉 )
Stretching the muscles out gently will help relieve that tight feeling within the muscles and help reduce the pain.
Finally I myself find magnesium to be extremely beneficial in aiding with the recovery of DOMS.
So the next time you experience DOMS why not give the above a go and see if it helps you.

Until next time readers remember – Get Fit, Stay Fit – Train Mean!

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