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  • Ben


    The Journey so far:

    I wasn’t always overweight as a child but when I hit my early teens I discovered food, the internet and gained an addiction to gaming. My family history of illness and diabetes was enough to get me thinking about the need to go on a weight loss journey.

    I met Tessa Elise through her brother and she told me it was possible to lose weight. At first when she told me I could drop 30kg within a year I thought she was kidding both herself and me. I kept thinking to myself nope I’m always going to be the big fat guy, there’s no way I could drop that amount of weight ever! Less than 12 months on I have lost more than 30kg and feel the best I ever have.

    Tessa Elise has been there every step of the way, with nutritional advice, workouts and emotional support. The initial training was hard but now that I look back on how far I have come there is no way I would swap it for anything. I feel like a completely new person and have so much energy.

    There are days that are hard and I just want to eat whatever I want or days I don’t feel like working out but I know I never want to slip back into my old lazy lifestyle. If I can do it where at first walking across a football field would make me out of breath to now being back to run for long periods of time and still feel fantastic anyone can achieve their goals, especially with the assistance of Tessa Elise.

  • Rach W

    Rach W

    The Journey so far:

    I joined Tessa Elise PT after seeing the success she had with my sister. I was sick of feeling sluggish, unfit & unmotivated. I had developed a bad attitude towards myself and allowed myself to indulge in all things naughty.

    Not going to lie the first few weeks weren’t easy even though I had a lot of strength my core stability, coordination and cardio wasn’t on par. I couldn’t believe the improvement I saw in myself in the first few weeks.

    I thought that only utilizing cardio is what would help me achieve my weight loss goals, as I also personally believed that weight lifting would make me big and bulk, but it actually gave me curves. Tessa Elise PT’s session combine a good combination of cardio, resistance, HIIT and core training.

    You don’t need to be fit to join Tessa Elise’s sessions as she caters for all levels of fitness and knows when to push you to help you achieve your goals. Receiving nutritional advice along the way has also helped me to make good healthy choices amongst foods.