You Must do a Detox for a Healthy Lifestyle

Now that I have your attention and most certainly going to cop some criticism for using the word detox on my page. I’d like to explain my definition of detox.

Everyone has a different view on the terminology “detox”.

Our bodies are pretty freaking amazing, did you know that the body has it’s own inbuilt detoxification system? The body naturally detoxifies everyday as a part of a normal body process. It does this through eliminating and neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lunges, lymph and skin.

Therefore detoxing is nonsense, as the body does a perfectly fantastic job of eliminating any substance on its own.

So for all you criticisers out there please tell me how eating a high processed, high sugar, high fat diet is a great way for the body to function?

The word detox is showing up in the media everywhere! Most detox programs promise you quick results to restore your energy & help you lose weight.

My idea of a detox is eating whole nutritious foods to help support our bodies. This means eating real food! Eating real protein, good sources of fats and yes even eating carbohydrates! What I said fats and carbs!!!! Yes I most certainly did! My idea of a detox is eating whole foods that will provide the body with good sources of fuel.

My idea of a detox is not about taking pills, getting coffee enemas, juicing, colon cleanses, excessive doses of minerals or antioxidants or sitting in a hot sauna for 4 hours!

Therefore my own personalised view is if you fuel your body on junk food or processed food you will not be receiving all the nutrients the body needs to function properly and potential health issues can arise. Our bodies will operate on what it is fed. Fuelling the body with whole foods is a great way to provide a wide variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

My 2-week nutritional detox program is about learning to eat correctly for the body, limiting/minimising processed foods, alcohol, packaged foods, artificial sweeteners, MSG & trans fats.

Notice I used the wording “nutritional detox”, this plan is based on trying to eat whole foods as much as possible as these foods have fewer (I didn’t say none) toxins and provide a wider variety of nutrients.

Yes maybe you will lose weight, maybe you will feel more energised, maybe you will sleep better, but maybe it’s because this nutritional detox is about eating a balanced diet!

Always listen to what your body is telling you and do what feels right for you!

If anything please note this “my view of a detox is; eating a nutritionally balanced diet!”

Food is fuel, so fuel your body correctly!

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